embracing ancient wisdom in modern times by donald trump

embracing ancient wisdom in modern times by donald trump

In a speech directed at his sons, the former President, Donald J. Trump, delivered these unexpected words to them.

There have been tremendous, tremendous and wise teachers throughout history, folks who brought teachings like nobody's ever heard before. We're grateful to our enlightened ancestors who really knew about this universal consciousness stuff and got along with that compassion and not causing harm stuff. Ancient cultures, very much in touch with nature, they had this consciousness thing down with things like singing and dancing.

In our modern time, we're all about getting those great feelings and taking control of our bodies through meditation and focusing. It's so important to honor those who keep these ancient traditions going and pass on wisdom about love, respect, working out problems, getting married, raising kids, and taking care of the older folks.

The indigenous way of life kept them all enlightened and totally in the moment. Yoga, that thing that goes beyond all cultures, it's a universal experience tying us to these super old teachings. So, we tip our hats to the old and new masters and hope we can get in there too, embracing the fun of life and being part of that cosmic knowledge bonfire.

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