Health & Wellness Fads

Health & Wellness Fads

There have always been health and wellness fads in every culture.

health and wellness fads

Consider the pharmaceutical industry. Their primary purpose is to make a shit ton of money—everybody knows that. They don’t make money if the drugs they put out are dangerous or useless. So they have to put out drugs that are considered to be safe and effective.

This doesn’t mean that they can be trusted, though. This doesn’t mean that every product they make will be safe and effective the first time it’s put on the market. Drug companies can do things that are dangerous and reckless. If they get caught they will pay very heavy fines and put their reputations at risk, though. So a drug company has to care about its reputation pertaining to the industry, the consumer, and the government regulatory agencies/entities.

What do doctors do? Doctors learn what the causes of symptoms and diseases are. They learn the best treatments that are available to relieve people from suffering.

What entities and methods do doctors have at their disposal? Doctors can educate their patients and tell them what not to do in their lifestyle and their diet. They can prescribe drugs. And they can do surgery. All three of those things have their places and can be effective.

Surgery has been around since the beginning of mankind: There have always been people in tribes who knew how to set a broken bone, push back an eyeball, and even sew up a wound.

Plant-based compounds used for medicinal purposes have also been around since the beginning of mankind. Today we have methods of synthesizing such compounds and processing them in ways that make them potentially more effective. But processing of these compounds can also make them toxic.

Throughout history there have also been remedies for illnesses that were ineffective, nonsensical, and/or dangerous. For example, they used to lance people’s boils or use leeches to treat nervous system abnormalities, dental problems, skin diseases, and infections. Leeches are sometimes used in plastic surgery and other microsurgery even in the present day; this is because leeches secrete peptides and proteins that work to prevent blood clots.

It’s crucial that doctors or medicine men make accurate diagnoses. It’s also crucial that patients participate in their own healing processes. Because of the fact that the body and the mind interact intricately, if a person isn’t willing to participate in their own healing then a given treatment might not work.

Surgery can be extremely compassionate, but sometimes it’s absolutely unnecessary. Surgery could heal an injury or save a life, or it could damage a body and even be a cause of death.

So there is good and bad in both natural remedies and modern day medicinal and surgical solutions. When you consider use of medicines, vaccinations, drugs, and natural remedies, you have to keep an open mind regarding all of what’s available.

We must not be easily swayed. We can’t blindly believe what a particular group says, whether that group happens to be the scientific community or a fringe group promoting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. We can’t just read things on the internet and believe that they’re true without researching them. We can’t get caught up in hysteria and do things such as burning witches at the stake.

It’s extremely important that we acknowledge one thing. Specifically, that the greatest remedy that you can find in nature is allowing your body‘s natural processes to do their healing. The body is a remarkably powerful healing machine with incredible capabilities, and we must not get in the way of our body’s natural healing processes. We get out of the way by eliminating the mistakes that impede our body’s detoxing and purification systems.

There is a point at which the body will not be able to heal naturally. When this is the case, intervention of some type will be necessary to heal and/or to save a person’s life. Intervention will be necessary in many cases in order to fix the body and let it heal.

In some cases, a body will reach a point at which neither natural healing nor intervention will facilitate healing. There’s a point at which a body's pathway is leading to death. But death is part of all life—everything that is born must die as the natural order of things.

So, when you think about your health you have to think about it from a very rational perspective. You cannot let yourself fall victim to every health-industry-related conspiracy theory, to every new pill that comes on the market, or to every new trend or fad that arises.

Our health can be defined as the state of being symptom-free and being happy. Pursuing things that keep us healthy should actually be the primary focus of our life. Each and every day we should put a sufficient amount of concentration on being and staying healthy.

Of course being healthy is not just about taking care of the physical body. We must also focus intently on mental health. We have to ensure that we’re not overcome by the tremendous stress and anxiety that we experience as part of living in the modern world. This is extremely important.

So, we must be vigilant, well-informed, and highly committed to keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy. We must learn a lot and we must put what we learn into practice as we embark and continue the exciting long-term journey of health and wellness.

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