get high naturally

Get High Naturally

Think about all the things that we put into our bodies to try to feel better.

It’s human nature to seek “transcendence” from feeling ordinary—especially if we are burdened with anxiety. Often we reach out for things to end the suffering caused by those negative feelings and sensations.

Substances like coffee stimulate and elevate us. Tobacco, alcohol, CBD, and marijuana can relax us. Rich foods make us feel full. Bad sugar gives us a rush. Spending, working, exercise, and sex all give us bursts of adrenaline.

The problem is that when we do those things for stimulation, relaxation, or adrenaline bursts, the effects will only last for a very short time. But it’s possible to “get high” naturally. To do so, we need to achieve detoxification and purification of both the body and the mind. Doing so will give us the lasting high that we long for.

This detoxification entails engaging in practices that will lead to excellent physical and mental health. There are many tools that will help us get there. Meditation, writing, talk therapy, deep breathing exercises, and mindful daily exercising are the most effective ways to get high without intoxicating ourselves.

Getting high naturally entails achieving a level of physical and mental health that will lead to continuous enlightenment, happiness, peace of mind, satisfaction, and joy in the process of everyday living. You can get there if you will regard wellness as a lifelong practice, and your willingness to do so will be your first driver.

One effective way to be able to raise your mood is through learning how to breathe correctly. Keep in mind that the primary fuel for brain function is oxygen.

We all develop breathing patterns during our lives. Many get into the habit of holding their breath in moments of stress and anxiety, and that breathing pattern is usually unnoticed.

Following is a suggestion for overcoming that unhealthy practice. Be aware of the next time you encounter a situation in which you’re triggered with anger or extreme anxiety. Take a pause from the situation and just do 10 deep inhalations that last as long as possible. Then exhale each breath for an equal amount of time. Both inhalation and exhalation need to be done through the nostrils. Within two minutes of doing this, you’ll feel much better able to manage the situation that you’re in.

Use such exercises as a way to direct your focus and attention on the breath. It’s a powerful way to clear your mind of chaotic thought processes. You might not experience an immediate result the first time you try a breathing exercise.

It usually takes quite a bit of practice to learn how to quiet the mind using the breath as a focal point.

Over time, you can learn how to subdue all of the distractions that rise and fall as you go through this process. Doing so will lead to better control over your thoughts. Subsequently, you’ll have better control over your emotions, your reactions, and ultimately your chemistry.

This breathing practice, and a number of others like it, will help you to raise your mood from low to high naturally.

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