Did you know that the focal point of our gaze throughout the day can significantly impact our wellbeing? The visual stimuli that we absorb with our eyes can influence our thoughts and emotions. Similarly, any sensory input that we find pleasurable can dramatically alter our attitude in the moment. The next time you find yourself sitting on a boardwalk, gazing out at the ocean, try to tune in to the sensations in your body - this is known as 'local sensing'. Take a deep breath and fix your gaze on the horizon.

To improve your gaze, try to focus on distant objects that may be challenging to discern in detail due to the distance. Maintaining your focus on these objects while taking deep breaths can help you connect your body to the present moment and the future horizon simultaneously. Afterwards, turn around and survey your surroundings to see if there's anything of interest behind you. However, it's likely that you won't find anything noteworthy compared to the vast and captivating view of the distant horizon.

It's possible that there may be a parking lot or other distractions behind you, competing for your attention in the present moment. However, by choosing to face the ocean and focusing on the vast and calming horizon, you are allowing yourself to experience a moment of peace and tranquility. Take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of the natural world before you, even if it's not a perfect or ideal situation. Remember, it's important to allow yourself moments of relaxation and mindfulness, especially during times of stress or chaos.

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