from localized to cosmic meditation

from localized to cosmic meditation

A certain meditation that I engage in is particularly important to help me reset my own center.

The meditation that I speak of requires that I localize my consciousness to give focused attention to the physical body I possess. I close my eyes in an attempt to see what's going on in my body. I imagine all the muscles, all the bones, all the blood, and all the cells moving around busily performing their functions.

After a time, I take a deep breath, exhale, and then focus on things pertaining to the world around me. I contemplate what I've seen on the news, people I pass by when riding a commuter train, the ocean, the sky, phenomena such as lightning and volcanoes, and other such things. I feel exhilarated as I observe the world as it's happening.

From that point, I take a deep breath, exhale, and contemplate being outside of the Earth's atmosphere subject to different laws of physics. I'm then in a place where there's no gravity and no wind resistance, traveling in a certain direction until something influences me to sit upright or tumble in a different direction. I exist in mental stillness and try to cancel out movement. And I then realize that I'm moving inside of a massive stream at the same speed as everything.

I take a deep breath and then try to move past our galaxy, far away from the center of my own self. And if my practice is done properly, I can bring myself to the edge of the universe (as I've been taught to perceive it). I can dissolve my ideas about such things and turn my perception to space that existed between me and the next object that existed when I was in the solar system.

I then see the space between the edge of this universe and the edge of the next. If I travel to that space, in my head I can then create whatever I want to exist in that place—perhaps planets with unicorns or planets with peace. But I can also create bad things, such as hatred, self-centeredness, and punishment.

In such a meditation, I can get confused about what I've created internally and what's happening outside of myself. So at times I have to undo what I’ve created, re-create it, and balance the awareness of my creations with acceptance of what is already here in the physical plane that I inhabit.

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