Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Fears and anxieties about flying in airplanes are very common, and there are various reasons why we experience such apprehension. One significant factor is the belief that airplane accidents are often fatal, unlike car accidents where we often walk away unharmed. Airplanes travel at incredible speeds and altitudes, and their complex engineering can be difficult for non-pilots and non-engineers to comprehend. This lack of understanding and control can lead to anxiety for those who prefer to be in control of every situation.

Additionally, some fears associated with flying may stem from other irrational fears we've carried throughout our lives. When we find ourselves on a big airplane about to take off, the unfamiliarity of the situation can leave us feeling stunned and helpless, much like a deer caught in headlights.

To address these anxieties, it can be helpful to gain knowledge about aviation and how airplanes work. Reading the private pilot license handbook and watching videos of airplanes taking off can gradually familiarize us with the process, making it seem more routine and less of a rare event when we fly. By exposing ourselves to this information repeatedly, we can desensitize ourselves to the fear and make flying a more comfortable experience.

Of course, this approach does not work for everyone.

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