exploring ancient philosophies and seeking self-realization

exploring ancient philosophies and seeking self-realization

Throughout my life, I've found that the philosophical teachings attributed to Buddha deeply resonate with me. However, they have also served as a gateway for exploring other teachings from various cultures and time periods, such as Greek and Roman stoic philosophy, Rumi's writings, fragments of the Kabbalah, Hindu teachings, Judaism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam, and the Dreamtime Laws of the Australian aboriginals. These teachings often provide general instructions and descriptions of the causes of suffering, which help bring stability to our minds and counteract boredom.

Philosophy and religion play a crucial role in providing a sense of order and comfort to people, even though some might not fully adhere to the teachings they follow. Yet, it's essential to examine these beliefs with compassion and in alignment with universal truths. The core principle of non-harm and oneness connects all these teachings, emphasizing the importance of living with a compassionate mindset.

The challenge lies in translating these teachings into practical actions for the modern world. Opening one's consciousness requires dedication and a willingness to explore a higher state of awareness, which is not tied to changing one's religion or engaging in rituals, though they can be supportive tools. Meditation and self-awareness are fundamental to liberating the mind and achieving self-realization.

It is essential to recognize that all philosophies, even the most mesmerizing and logical-sounding ones, are mere constructs and interpretations. The goal is to release attachments to all beliefs and philosophies, ultimately residing in the present moment. While understanding the reasons behind our drift from the present is beneficial, we should focus on meditation and self-mastery to progress on the path of self-realization.

Furthermore, it is vital to foster a universal consciousness, where all beings are equal and deserving of a chance to survive and thrive on our shared planet. Parenting should be seen as a sacred duty to nurture the love for the divine and the Earth in our children, and we must teach them techniques to connect with themselves and the universe.

By helping others and caring for one another, we honor our teachers, maintain humility, and fulfill our interconnectedness with the universe. Ultimately, it is through these practices and efforts that we can embark on the journey toward self-realization and enlightenment.
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