Empowered by Compassion

Empowered by Compassion

  1. We have to change our minds about our negative perceptions of things. If we're taking positive steps geared towards mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness, then we should not let ourselves get discouraged. Perhaps things aren't working as quickly or as well as we might hope. If so, we still must look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “The things that I'm doing are working.” The purpose of our doing so is not only to instill positivity. It's also because we have to be compassionate to ourselves if we’re to be compassionate to others.
  2. We have to contemplate the word “compassion.” By doing so, we can come to understand how incredibly powerful compassion is. When we realize that compassion can rocket ourselves into a state of happiness, we can make it into a way of life. And when we selflessly practice compassion, people will recognize that we have awakened our minds and will flock to us.
  3. We must perform compassionate actions free of charge. We have to liberally give of our time and talent if we truly desire to free other people and other creatures from suffering. Sometimes we might do things along the lines of publishing books for the purpose of helping others (rather than for the purpose of amassing economic profit). When that's the case, it's legitimate to charge money for products in order to recover portions of significant expenses.
  4. We must live lives of complete integrity. When others try to dissuade us from doing so, we cannot listen to them. We must examine ourselves continually and ensure that we adhere to a very high moral code and conduct all of our day-to-day affairs guided by uncompromised ethical standards.
  5. We must be in love with all people and all things. Compassion entails love. So we must fall in love with ourselves, all humans, all creatures, the planet, and the cosmos. Love the cosmos, and express your love of the cosmos in the same manner that you'd express love for another person. Spend time embracing, honoring, and marveling at the cosmos. And verbally tell the universe and all that the universe contains how much you love it.
  6. Give your life in service of God. This is not a religious book, and I will not presume to impose specific religious doctrine on you. But if you practice a particular faith, do so wholeheartedly and do so in love. If you seek the divine through intellectual practice, do that wholeheartedly. If you're an agnostic, at least be open to the possibility that God exists and that God would honor sincere acts of compassion on your part. In any case, show your compassion to society as acts of faith.

Perhaps you’re having trouble feeling compassion or acting in compassionate ways. Keep in mind that in order to be enlightened you have to be compassionate. And you really can awaken and empower compassion within yourself. Try the above six steps, and you will definitely see results over time.

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