embracing the present

embracing the present

For the first 45 years of our lives, we contemplate the nature of the ego. It's an abstract concept that resides within us. We can observe it, like a blue, ever-turning entity. Is it confined to the brain or does it encompass our entire physical being? Could it be a memory bank of life's snapshots, shaping our personal philosophy?

The ego is the result of a chain of causes leading to its existence. Each aspect of our ego is shaped by experiences, thoughts, feelings, and philosophies. It forms the foundation of our individual experiences on Earth, just as our physical body does. To keep our ego and mind healthy, we engage in mental practices, just as we exercise to keep our bodies fit.

However, the ego is just a part of who we are; it doesn't define our entire being. We are also our physical body, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and the impact we leave on the world. Our breath connects us to the universe instantly, and it's essential to stay connected to this reality amidst our daily tasks.

While pondering the nature of reality is meaningful, we must balance it with living in the moment. Being overly consumed by questions may cause us to miss out on the experiences unfolding before us. Sometimes, it's best to breathe, be present, and enjoy life without seeking constant answers.

Imagine three surfers waiting for a wave. One surfer contemplates the nature of water, missing the wave while the others catch it. This story reminds us that dwelling too much on questions can distract us from the experiences meant for us. Sometimes, we must trust the flow and breathe.

In summary, let's cherish the charm of life without getting bogged down by overly scrutinizing the ego and existence. Embrace the present, stay connected to the universe through your breath, and enjoy the journey of consciousness without needing all the answers.
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