Cycle of Triggers

Cycle of Triggers

Any negative sensation in the body can cause a negative thought, particularly if we sense danger in any form, whether emotional or physical. These sensations act as internal triggers, leading to uncomfortable experiences and emotions. Negative emotions will arise, giving birth to negative thoughts. In turn, these negative thoughts will trigger more negative emotions, creating a feedback loop that translates back into the physical body, ultimately triggering a state of anxiety. This state is designed to help us act to escape problems and is a sound mechanism.

However, due to various traumatic experiences, some of our triggers become overly dramatic and too intense for the circumstances. We can be triggered by countless experiences such as hunger, thirst, loneliness, exhaustion, anger, fear, sadness, lack of affection, physical pain from injury or illness, or even a simple inability to breathe properly due to a stuffy nose, which can fog our brains.

This process occurs on a chemical level, intertwining with our feelings and thoughts. Certain types of childhood experiences can program chemical responses that affect how we perceive the world throughout our lives. Therefore, the process of healing and self-help involves learning to change our chemistry as well as the thoughts we have about the world.

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