Consciousness Came First

Consciousness Came First

The idea that consciousness precedes all else offers an intriguing narrative, suggesting the existence of something transcendent beyond our immediate reality. It provides a ray of hope, indicating that death may not be the ultimate end, as we are essentially pure consciousness rather than just our physical bodies. If this perspective aims to capture the true essence of reality, we should embrace the continuous flow of cause and effect, living with the understanding that everything is in a state of constant change. Simultaneously, we must acknowledge that the universe is far more complex than it appears, with countless connections between things. To achieve true freedom, we must strive to alleviate world suffering.

On the other hand the notion that Throughout the history of life on Earth, consciousness has evolved after and alongside the development of existence, originating from the emergence of the primordial elements. The precise moment of this spontaneous event and its catalyst remain veiled in mystery, but it's undeniable reality persists. When observing the interconnected web of life forms, one might consider humans as the epitome of consciousness, given our unique combination of rationality, absence of instinctual behavior, and capacity for free will. Our inherent ability to reason and solve problems continuously drives our intellectual advancement and comprehension of the world around us.

Rather than fixating on the debate over the origins of mind versus consciousness, it is essential to prioritize transcending the thinking mind and embracing the sensory experiences of the body. (This does not advocate indulging every craving or living excessively.)

In the sensing body is where true experiences unfold, where the present moment resides.

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