Bullies are individuals who exhibit judgmental behavior, seeking to insult and tear down others to boost their self-esteem. This behavior may be influenced by their own experiences, though not always. They belittle and demean those who oppose them, using hurtful language and exploiting weaknesses. It's worth noting that even great individuals who achieved remarkable things faced bullying, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ.

Bullies often see themselves as victims, perpetuating the cycle of mistreatment. Understanding human nature, fear can drive some individuals to bully as a way to regain power and control. This misguided attempt to establish superiority often targets those perceived as different or weak.

Victims of bullying often internalize the insults, impacting their self-worth. However, true worth extends beyond appearances or labels. Our character, defined by compassion, kindness, and generosity, holds greater value.

If you recognize any bullying behavior in yourself, it's essential to reflect and stop perpetuating harm towards others. Let's strive for a kinder and more empathetic society.
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