boo boos and bandaids

boo boos and bandaids

Do you recall having someone in your childhood who would gently lift you up and comfort you when you stumbled, comforting you with a soft voice and assuring you that everything would be alright? Did they remain composed and show you how they would mend your wounds, explaining that the body has the power to heal itself?

It's important to reflect on whether you were taught this valuable lesson, and if not, to learn it for yourself and pass it on to your children. However, there can be some confusion surrounding this concept, particularly when we witness the limitations of the body as it ages. It is true to some extent that everything in the universe has a beginning and an end, and our bodies naturally undergo processes of decomposition and recomposition, continuously eroding over time. It is a fundamental law of nature. However, the expansion of consciousness remains a profound and positive aspect to focus on. If we fixate solely on the physical fading away of our bodies, we may find ourselves dwelling in the past or fearing the future. We can easily become overwhelmed by the constant flux and change happening around us.

Instead of getting caught up in these distractions, strive to be an observer and interrupt the cycle of judgment. Make a conscious decision to start anew in your life, each morning when you awaken, aiming to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. Embrace this mindset, breathe it in, and make it a focal point of your daily existence. If personal growth and self-improvement are not at the forefront of our consciousness, then what purpose does consciousness serve? How can it ever expand and evolve?
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