birth and death are the same thing

birth and death are the same thing

Birth and death, a dance unseen,
Entwined as one, a mystic dream.
Release the mind, its judgments cease,
Embrace the oneness, find inner peace.

In consciousness's boundless stream,
The afterlife, a vague moonbeam.
No thoughts, no self, no grand design,
Birth and death, in stillness, align.

But ponder not in endless quest,
Lest overthinking leaves you stressed.
Avoid the snare of mental strife,
Embrace reality, embrace life.

Yet philosophies, like gentle rain,
Can guide us through both joy and pain.
To live with purpose, love and grace,
To tread with care, a sacred space.

Compassion blooms, a guiding light,
In every deed, in every fight.
Relate to all, both near and far,
Nurture love, as shining stars.

Embrace the struggles, sufferings too,
For through them, growth will come to you.
Map out solutions, seize the day,
With empathy, light up the way.

Life's philosophy, a precious art,
To stay alive, with loving heart.
In unity, our souls shall rise,
In compassion's embrace, we'll harmonize.

So fasten seat belts, masks embrace,
And build immunity's fortress place.
Share wisdom's gifts, with open hand,
Spread joy, bring light to every land.

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