Which Is The Best Source of Protein?

Which Is The Best Source of Protein?

The best source of protein for any particular animal is the one that’s suitable for their unique type of digestive system and that’s most appropriate for the animal’s age. In this case it is obviously the broccoli followed by the wood worm, yech!

The type of protein that’s best for an infant is very different from the type of protein that’s best for a grown adult. Infants and growing children need more protein than people who are fully grown.

Certain animals have developed digestive systems that are ideal for being carnivorous, and other animals have digestive systems that are designed strictly for eating plants. And some creatures are adaptive; this means that they can eat both plants and animal flesh.

Be aware that protein isn’t just protein. Protein also contains calories. We need calories in order to have energy to move and do our daily activities. So when you eat protein matter, your body derives energy from it, not just protein itself.

Any protein in any food that you eat has a waste byproduct. It’s similar to the way that gasoline for your car’s engine provides a source of energy for movement but also generates a waste byproduct.

Certain foods burn very cleanly in the human body. This is the case with foods that come from plants. Human beings are designed to thrive on a variety of types of protein and different types of calories, but all types of protein may not be optimal for longevity and resistance to disease. Not all proteins that we consume are optimal for slowing down the aging process.

Our overall diet also has to be tailored to the current conditions in our environment. There’s never been a time in history that there has been such a high presence of man-made synthetic chemicals in our environment. Because of pollution and toxic ingredients in processed food, our bodies are overwhelmed and burdened with getting rid of toxic chemicals. The proof of this is the proliferation of all of the food borne diseases that have plagued mankind for the last century.

Our environment has changed. Flesh foods are no longer optimal for us. They actually never really were, but there is some controversy in connection with this.

One thing that needs to be considered is what type of protein is best for preserving our earth. Certainly not flesh-based foods. Flesh-based foods put a heavy burden on the resources of this planet.

Another consideration is compassion. Compassion is a way of life that leads to liberation of the mind and elimination of many of the common forms of suffering. Compassion is not just about love. It’s about coming to the understanding that when we reach certain heights of our intellect and wisdom we do not wish to harm things. So we must not just consider what source of protein is best for the chemistry of our body, but what source of protein is best for other creatures that live in our world. None of the animals that we eat want to die and end up on our plate.

Putting aside metaphysical thinking and thoughts of compassion and non-harm for a moment, it’s necessary to consider the science related to this issue. The chemistry and anatomy of the human body are such that we were not designed like any other carnivore. For one thing, we have a much longer digestive system. Since that’s the case, flesh foods will rot in our systems and create gases that get into the bloodstream. These gases are part of the cause of inflammation on a cellular level, and inflammation causes many of our diseases.

Flesh foods take longer to digest than plants do. So flesh foods put a greater burden on the digestive system and they take more energy to process. So they are not an efficient source of energy.

The human body was designed as a carbohydrate-burning machine. The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and seeds. Each of those types of foods contain compounds that are vital to our survival. They don’t only contain macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. They also contain compounds like phytochemicals and antioxidants that are scientifically proven to help build the immune system and prevent the destruction of vital cells.

Which flesh proteins are the cleanest?

Probably the worm, the frog, and roadkill. The roadkill lived a free life and died instantly. The frog, although disgusting, is probably high in protein and free of pesticides and man-made hormones that would disrupt our chemistry. And the worm is filled with all types of beautiful things from the soil that would make their way into our body.

It’s very disgusting to consider any of the aforementioned items as food. But my point is that they’d be far superior to the red meat, poultry, and swine that we get from the supermarket.

What about fish that swim free in the ocean? They are still loaded with heavy metals that are definitely not good for our human bodies.

Sad but true. Human beings have ravaged the environment with poisons that make their way into our food. This has been proven.

Another thing to consider regarding fish is that we are now fishing our oceans empty. Not just because of food demands linked to overpopulation, but because of the demand for certain types of luxury foods that create a lot of waste. It’s totally unnecessary for us to eat certain types of ocean fish from the ocean as a delicacy because the techniques involved in fishing for them are very destructive. The way that we fish for certain desirable creatures kills hundreds of millions of other creatures, even though that killing is unintentional.

So, what’s the best protein to consume? It depends on what your objective is. If your objective is to live a long and healthy life, expand your consciousness, and fill your mind with wisdom, then pick a diet that is conscious. Conscious of not just what your chemistry needs, but of what is best for the planet and what is most compassionate to other people and to other creatures. I recommend plant-based protein.

I do not judge others for what they decide to do with their lives. I’m not an activist in that kind of way. And I’m not angry. But I am mindful of science pertaining to food and food production, and that science has led me to my position.

Having said that, I do hope that over time the human species grows to become plant-based. I hope that our species is on the course of not wanting or needing to rely on the flesh and skin of animals.

Many generations ago our ancestors may not have had the choices that we have today to live free and let others live free. They were subject to the circumstances of their environment and the available knowledge of their time.

We can go back and consider our distant intelligent cousins the Neanderthals. They lived in harmony with the land, and most of them did not over fish, over hunt, farm to the point of desecrating land, or do the other harmful things that we do today as people motivated almost entirely by profit.

The vast majority of things we do today in connection with food production have nothing to do with compassion. Feeding our populations of billions of people is a secondary consideration. Commercial food manufacturers are focused first and foremost on profit.

I’ve spoken negatively about a number of things. But deep down inside I am a positive thinker. I’m hopeful for the future and am optimistic about humankind’s potential to improve. When we improve ourselves as individuals, society will improve. I’ll try to improve and I hope that you will try as well.

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