beauty, elusive and intriguing

beauty, elusive and intriguing

Beauty, elusive and intriguing, What is this phenomenon we seek? Across all creatures, it holds its sway, Drawing us close, day by day. The peacock flaunts his vibrant plumes,

A display to win his lover's looms, While the monkey, with its orange hue, Claims attention with testicles askew. Even children, in their youthful prime, Feel a stirring when beauty chimes, Be it the opposite or same, they find, Attraction's allure, in their mind.

But what compels us to this desire? Is it higher or lower, this internal fire Perhaps, it's simply our animal core, Unleashed, unabashed, forevermore. Let us not judge or scorn this drive,

Rather, ponder and reflect, let us strive, For in its grip, we're left to wonder, What lies beneath its captivating thunder. For it's curious, indeed, to perceive, That solely by appearance we believe, That someone's worth can be discerned, While their character remains unturned.

In our evolution, a peculiarity lies, A limitation, perhaps, that belies, Our progress, our path, yet unexplored, For beauty alone, we can't afford.

So let us delve deeper, beyond the face, Unveiling the truth in every embrace, To evolve, to advance, with open minds, Beyond the confines beauty binds.

Beauty, what elusive essence is this? All creatures, with diverse forms and instincts, Perceive allure in varied guises. The male peacock, adorned in vibrant plumes, Or the monkey, bearing giant orange spheres, Both evoke admiration and desire.

Children, within the confines of learning, Experience a flutter, a tingle, When attraction to another arises. Why does this impulse dwell within us? Is it a noble inclination or base instinct? Perhaps it is merely our primal nature. Let us refrain from hasty judgment, Instead, reflect and ponder upon this phenomenon.

Yet, it is intriguing to note the curious effect, That captures our senses, regardless of prudence. We lack a means to perceive their character, For appearance alone shapes our perception. This limitation, a remnant of our evolution, Hinders our progress toward a deeper understanding.

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