A  Reflection on Killing as a Courageous Act

A  Reflection on Killing as a Courageous Act

A grave error was made when virtuous individuals praised others for their bravery in taking another's life. From that moment onward, society became driven to engage in acts of killing.

Let us understand that killing is not a virtue, nor is the courage to kill a matter of great importance. Society must unlearn the glorification of bravery in killing and fighting. Even the sport of boxing glorifies violence and conflict.

Deep within, a craving for blood still lingers. Yet, we must recognize that hunting and killing sentient beings is a mistake, an act that goes against our higher nature.

In this contemplative moment, we do not utter these words to condemn or pass judgment upon others. There is no divine punishment descending from above nor retribution arising from below. Rather, it is a serene pause, a time to reflect upon the profound impact we have on the world around us. May this reflection guide us towards greater awareness and compassion.

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