19 seconds of freedom of ego

19 seconds of freedom of ego

In moments rare, I found release,
From ego's grip, a sweet release.
Nineteen seconds, pure and free,
In soaring skies and yoga's plea.

In skies aloft, at ten thousand high,
My soul embraced the open sky.
Freefalling fast, no chains to bind,
Nineteen seconds, peace I find.

A yoga class, a sacred space,
Where ego's whispers find no place.
Again, I tasted freedom's kiss,
For nineteen seconds, pure bliss.

But at the mark of twenty-one,
Distractions came, the spell undone.
Judgments harsh, a self-debate,
Ego's grip began to infiltrate.

"I'm great," I said, then turned to scorn,
A rollercoaster ride was born.
From high to low, my thoughts did sway,
In negativity's disarray.

Such chatter, oh, how it can maim,
Drowning peace in its dark claim.
But I aspire to break its hold,
To find freedom, pure and bold.

In mindful breath and self-aware,
I seek the freedom that is rare.
Nineteen seconds, I'll extend,
To reach the peace that lies ahead.

For in the pause between the thoughts,
A sacred space, true love is wrought.
No ego's chains, just pure serenity,
Nineteen seconds, my soul's affinity.

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