whispers of the moment

whispers of the moment

In moments of terror and fear, For the warrior or the one tending to crops,
In the monotonous heat of summer's sweep, A technique ancient, whispered in ancient tongues.

Deep breath taken, the chant arose, "Be in the moment, be in the moment."
Resonating through time's vast echoes, Its essence captivating, though languages vary.

Yet let us not confuse, dear friend, For each day brings its anxieties, natural in their bend. Turbulence swirls, a tempest unfurled, But anchor yourself, morning, noon, and eve.

With five to ten cycles of breath, deep and true, Shush the mind's chatter, be in the moment, you do. Override the distractions, the words that intrude, A practice compassionate, leading to naught but good.

So practice this art, with kindness imbued, In the vast sea of existence, where peace is pursued. Embrace the present, its gifts to be found, For being in the moment, let it abound.
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