the way of the peaceful warrior

the way of the peaceful warrior

Every human being bears the responsibility to their community and to themselves to embody the principles of strength and protection, without necessarily being trained to kill. Rather than advocating violence, a true warrior is skilled in conflict resolution and can skillfully diffuse tensions. Therefore, it is essential for us to receive training in the ways of peace and strength. We should strive to be resilient and strong, both physically and mentally, to the best of our abilities. 

In times of peace, these ideals can be understood as metaphors. However, during times of war, when lives are lost and loved ones suffer, it is the duty of great warriors to seek peaceful resolutions and find ways to prevent further bloodshed. Through this approach, humanity can attain enlightenment. It is a gradual process, but together, we are on a journey towards progress. The advancement of our species lies in embracing non-violence as our ultimate goal.

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