Singles Sex

Singles Sex

Considering the social media apps and dating software that is available these days, there are more ways than ever to hook up with a person. And technology is likely to bring many more.

I don't feel that it's anyone's place to judge the choices that you make regarding your own sexuality. But all people should be mindful of their own behavior for the purpose of self-development.

For many of us, sometimes we're lonely and are just seeking conversation, eye contact, laughter, and enjoyment. Sometimes we don't know how to achieve those things, so we sexualize them. We might turn a desire to have companionship—something that can be difficult to attain—into sex (which is often easy to achieve).

When that’s the case, we need to ask ourselves if the behavior that we’re practicing is causing us to head down a path of addiction, obsession, compulsion, and/or behaviors that we will regret.

Having sex with anonymous partners is far more common now than it was in the past. Perhaps that’s a trend that will fade over time. But I do see more and more people sacrificing what they really want and settling for casual relationships instead. In addition to the emotional and relational consequences of casual sex, though, one must consider the physical dangers associated with anonymous sex, unsafe or unprotected sex, sex in inappropriate places, and sex with inappropriate, toxic partners.

Be careful!

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