sex and enlightenment (non-binary)

sex and enlightenment (non-binary)

Certainly! Here are the edited sutras with a non-binary perspective:

1. The Enlightened Being's Union:

In the realm of enlightenment, a great soul resided, radiating wisdom's light.
A sanctuary they built, with their hands, a gift to all, shining so bright.
A beloved partner would grace their space, bound by love's pure fire,
With enlightened insight, they transformed their connection into a meditative choir.

2. The Divine Dance:

The sacred dance of union, birthing life's spark with grace,
Where divine essence splits, embracing all genders' embrace.
In the symphony of love, they glimpsed the cosmic expanse,
Witnessing creation's joy, finding ecstasy in every cosmic dance.

3. Liberation Through Love:

Deep love for their partner, liberation from all mental binds,
Anxiety and suffering released, freedom in the heart finds.
If nights without their love came, no quarrels or distress,
They embraced self-care, growth, finding peace and tenderness.

4. Paths Unjudged:

A master's worth not defined by celibacy or marital roles,
Their conduct and grace matter, embracing diverse life's scrolls.
In ancient tribes, a multitude of roles they did embody,
Warriors, mystics, nurturers, all embracing their inner deity.

5. Embracing One's Calling:

As love unfolds, be it partner, parent, or friend,
Embrace your calling, in all its forms, with strength to transcend.
Conscious breath, present in each moment's divine glow,
Honoring all paths, non-binary souls' unique flow.

6. The Simple Being's Essentials:

For some, enlightenment lies in life's humble array,
With meditation tools, cherished items, and lightness of sway.
Beads, spectacles, letters, beloved possessions near,
Walking the path of simplicity, finding solace, clear.

7. Tools for the Journey:

A cell phone, a laptop, tools for noble work's ascent,
A bag to carry, a charger, serving with love, content.
In simplicity or complexity, the journey is their own,
Embracing the essentials, as non-binary spirits are known.

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