relationships with people, a good poem

relationships with people, a good poem

The intricate design of the human brain reveals, Our need for connection, a truth it conceals.

Loneliness and pain arise when we're adrift, From the touch of others, a void in our midst. Why we're designed this way, a complex affair,

Perhaps to enhance survival, dangers to bear. In tribes and teams, strength and safety reside, Unity and closeness, in which we confide.

Yet, connections vary, unique for each soul, Some find solace in painting, their spirits whole.

Through brushstrokes, they communicate far and wide, Expressing thoughts and emotions, a world amplified. Though indirect, it lacks the immediacy of face, That non-threatening encounter, intimacy's embrace.

To stand before a loved one, heart filled with glee, A sublime connection, love's euphoric decree. These profound experiences unveil a need, To foster communities, where love takes the lead.

A thriving collective, nurturing every child, Ensuring teachings align, their dreams compiled. Each child seeks love, attention, and care, Different teachers, guides, unique truths to share. Reminding them of wisdom, collective and grand, A community's embrace, their destinies in hand.

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