Relationships Then and Now

Relationships Then and Now

Many things pertaining to survival in today's world are up for debate. Should we be living in cold temperatures or hot temperatures? Should we only eat plants or should we also eat meat? Should we live in small bands of people or are we better off in a large society? Which religion should we follow?

Issues about relationships are up for debate as well. And it's important to realize that the relationships of former times were very different than today's relationships. In the earth-honoring tribes that followed the laws of nature, the marriage relationship was geared toward self-realization and union with the divine.

Such relationships among people who were close to nature were also very practical. They either served both the two people and their tribe or they were not considered to be useful. But today's relationships are more complicated. People now engage in relationships for many different reasons such as pursuing romantic love and subconsciously reenacting former situations pertaining to addictive behavior or trauma.

Having said that, I believe that the complex status and variety of relationships in today's world is appropriate. We are in an overpopulated world with different perspectives and unique people. So it stands to reason that there's probably no such thing as a single relationship model that's right for everyone. I also think that the existence of many types of relationships is evidence of humanity trying to wake up its collective consciousness.

I advise you to write down on a piece of paper what you perceive your ideal relationship with your ideal partner to be. You need to decide if you want a same-sex partner or a partner the other sex. You have to have the courage to pursue what you believe will make you happiest.

You have to have the courage to risk being hurt. In a relationship, you may be shamed, and you may make a mistake regarding the partner you choose. In a relationship, there are risks and there are rewards. A relationship will give you an environment and an incentive to heal from your behavior that’s driven by negative emotions. A relationship will help you learn about compassion, help you show compassion to your partner, and give you the benefit of experiencing compassion from your partner.

I believe that we're all on an exciting cosmic journey. We're moving through various times, various physical states, and various places throughout an infinity of universes. While we're on this journey, we must practice compassion, love, and non-harm in accordance with the will of the divine. Nurturing our relationships will help us to do so.

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