poetry on apologies

poetry on apologies

Apologies are a part of my daily practice. I am wrong 16 times a day on average.

In a realm where forgiveness blooms anew,
I extend my plea, sincere and true.
Forgive me, dear heart, as I forgive too,
Let compassion's gentle current bind me to you.

With love's embrace, let us heal and grow,
May its warmth between us eternally flow.
For in this dance of hearts, our spirits entwined,
Let love's symphony guide, forever aligned.

In your tender affection, I find solace and bliss,
A love that transcends, a divine, timeless kiss.
Please love me, as I do, with a love pure and deep,
A bond unbreakable, forever to keep.

In the tapestry of our souls, love's threads entwine,
Weaving a story, divine and sublime.
So let our hearts unite, a symphony of two,
With love as our guide, forever we'll pursue.

Forgiveness and love, intertwined in grace,
Embracing each other, filling every space.
Together we'll journey, hand in hand,
Bound by a love that forever will stand.

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