Moods and Reactions

Moods and Reactions

Our partner’s moods and feelings will affect our moods and feelings as well as our self-esteem. And it will be hard on us emotionally if we're not certain about how our partners feel about us.

Psychic connections can make our relationships feel like roller coaster rides at times. For this reason, we need to learn how to get in touch with our feelings and to control our reactions to them.

We control our feelings and reactions by adopting positive lifestyle habits, routines, and patterns. Such things include meditation, writing, conversing with people, and engaging in service to others. Doing those and other activities daily helps lift a person out of negative thinking cycles.

We need to essentially “study” our partners and track their changing emotions at all times. Is your partner seeming distant? Loving? Happy? Anxious? Sad? Angry?

We’ll most certainly react to the emotions of our partners. The reactions will be driven by subconscious promptings: They will be similar to the ways that our mommies and daddies loved us through those variations in their emotions.

One trigger for us will be that mommy or daddy became distant and not present in the moment with us at certain times. When that was the case, we felt unloved or as if we did something “bad.” The abrupt disconnections we felt may have caused us to feel anxiety or even panic.

We need to be aware of when a partner’s moods trigger unpleasant reactions in us. Our reactions may be based on emotions that originated in unresolved childhood difficulties. Over the long run we will need to overcome the emotional issues from childhood that negatively affect our present-day relationships.

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