Minor Relationship Problems

Minor Relationship Problems

Not all couples have extreme or pronounced problems in their relationships. But virtually all couples, even those who have healthy and well-functioning relationships, have minor problems at times.

Financial insecurity causes anxiety for many people. If a couple’s living quarters are inadequate for their needs, that will create tension between them. If a family member is having emotional problems or physical health issues, that will create stress. There’s a virtually unlimited list of things that could potentially create problems in a generally healthy and normal relationship.

We must realize that when we are in a relationship we have to look out for the well-being of our partner. We cannot be selfish. We have to help each other relax and attain a state of peacefulness. One way to do that is to participate in breathing exercises frequently.

We can help our partners relax. We need to be mindful regarding how we go about doing so, though. If we're not careful about how we urge our partners to relax, they might resist such a gesture and engage in negativity.

Again, breathing exercises will help both partners in a couple attain relaxation and peacefulness. They’re particularly helpful during yoga sessions. Doing breathing exercises together as a couple every day is an ideal practice. If one partner proposes to the other that they begin such a practice, they should make the suggestion at a time when neither one of them is under pressure.

In addition to breathing exercises geared toward relaxation, continually saying positive things throughout the day can be very beneficial. Positive messages will benefit both the person who speaks them and the person who receives them.

When we experience anxiety and stress, we react in ways that exacerbate the unpleasantness in our environment. For that reason, we need to recognize when we're experiencing anxiety and fight the temptation to react inappropriately to it. For this sake of ourselves, our partners, and our relationships, we must not act out. A very good thing to do in such situations is to take a moment to sit quietly and take 10 long, deep breaths. Once you realize how helpful doing so is, you can increase the number of breaths that you take during such breaks.

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