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The Real Oat Milk - No Chemicals and No Pasteurization

The Real Oat Milk - No Chemicals and No Pasteurization by Marcus Antebi

Should we call it oat milk or oat water? Oat water sounds disgusting. Milk is also a misnomer because it is non-dairy. It could be called 'Oat Milky' and then we can make everyone happy! Kids love oat milk and so do grownups. The problem with store bought oat milk is that manufacturers are adding processed ingredients to make the milks more compatible for steaming for coffee drinks. These ingredients are highly processed extractions from plants, or they can be synthetically made, so I avoid store bought oat milk.

Use oat milk for a the base of smoothie or drink all by its lonesome.

You will need a nut milk strainer cloth or a commercial grade large chinois metal strainer. I prefer the chinois versus the nut milk cloth: it is easier to clean. There is a picture of a chinois below — you can buy them inexpensively online.

Use organic ingredients. Do not heat, pre-soak, or over blend the oats.

  • 1 cup rollled oats
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Optional sweeteners (maple syrup, yacon syrup, coconut nectar). Sweeten to taste.

Blend for 30 seconds (do not overland). Strain in a nut bag cloth or use a chinois. If using a chinois, press the oat pulp into the walls of the chinois to extract the water liquid.

Store refrigerated for 72 hours. You can make a yogurt with this type of milk.

Note: Oats may have trace amounts of gluten which 100% safe unless you have Celiac disease. The trace amounts of gluten may come from factories storing oats with other glutenous grains, so double check your packaging.

Below: Commericial chinois for straining milks as an alternative to using a nut milk bag.


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