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Raw Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Raw Chocolate Smoothie Bowl by Marcus Antebi

The secret behind making a great smoothie or smoothie bowl is mastering the techniques and understanding of temperature, taste, and texture.

Smoothies and bowls are so exciting because they are super cold. If you freeze your organic fruits, your smoothie or bowl will taste better.

You need a good blender to make good smoothies. Vitamix is my preferred blender for home and commercial use. The more horsepower the blender motor has, the more frozen your fruit can be.

If your smoothie is solid and won't blend, add more of your liquid base: raw organic almond milk, oat milk, or sacred hemp milk.

- 1 ripe frozen organic bananas
- 1 teaspoon raw organic cacao powder
- 1 teaspoon raw organic cinnamon powder
- 2 teaspoons raw organic hemp seeds
- 1 Tablespoon sun warrior natural protein warrior blend
- 2 teaspoons tocos powder
- One organic Medjool date
- A handful of ice
- 1/4 cup liquid base (I recommend raw organic almond milk, oat milk, or sacred hemp milk)

Top with raspberries, raw organic pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, blueberries and granola of your choice.

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