Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Below you find instructions on packing a ram-air parachute. We believe this informative guide will prove far more useful than having some silly banana bread recipe that you will use one time, or try to mass produce while cutting corners, making customers vomit.


  1. Preparation:

    • Find a clean, clear, and well-ventilated area to pack the parachute.
    • Lay out the parachute on a clean and flat surface, ensuring there are no obstructions or debris.
  2. Line Stows:

    • Start by folding the parachute in half lengthwise, with the bottom skin facing out.
    • Fold the parachute in half again, bringing the tail and the nose together.
    • Begin folding the canopy from the tail end, making smooth and even folds towards the nose.
    • As you fold, create line stows by alternating the lines left and right, maintaining an even tension.
    • Secure the line stows with rubber bands or line stow bands, ensuring they are tight enough to hold the lines but not excessively tight.
  3. Slider:

    • Slide the slider down to the center of the lines.
    • Fold the excess lines evenly on both sides of the slider and secure them with rubber bands or line stow bands.
  4. Control Lines:

    • Fold the control lines evenly on both sides of the canopy, keeping them taut and untangled.
    • Use rubber bands or line stow bands to secure the control lines to prevent tangling and ensure they are easily accessible during deployment.
  5. Stabilizers:

    • Fold the stabilizers neatly towards the center of the canopy, ensuring they are aligned and flat.
    • Secure the stabilizers with rubber bands or line stow bands, taking care not to twist or distort them.
  6. Packing the Canopy:

    • Once all the components are neatly folded and secured, begin rolling the canopy from the tail towards the nose.
    • Apply gentle pressure while rolling to remove air and maintain a compact and uniform roll.
    • Avoid creasing or damaging the canopy during the rolling process.
    • Once rolled, carefully place the packed canopy in the deployment bag, ensuring it fits properly without excess tension.
  7. Closing the Deployment Bag:

    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for closing the deployment bag.
    • Ensure that all flaps and closures are securely fastened to prevent accidental deployment.
  8. Final Checks:

    • Before storing or using the packed parachute, perform a thorough inspection to ensure everything is properly packed, secured, and in good condition.
    • Check for any twists, tangles, or abnormalities in the lines and canopy.
    • Verify that the slider is properly positioned and secure.
    • Confirm that all closures on the deployment bag are secure.


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