defying gravity: embracing the unknown

defying gravity: embracing the unknown


The deafening roar of the airplane engine fills the cabin as a group of SKYDIVERS gear up, their faces a mix of nervousness and excitement. They stand in the open door, overlooking the vast expanse of the sky below.

JESSICA, a seasoned skydiver in her late 30s, takes a deep breath and turns to her fellow skydivers, including JASON, a young man in his early 20s.



When you feel stuck in your life and you have a problem... Life is always going to have its bumpy roads.

Jason looks at Jessica, searching for answers.


(repeating her words)

Bumpy roads... Difficulties.



Exactly. Even if the first half of your life was easy, the second half may be hard. And even if your life is easy in the second half, people you love are going to suffer. We're empathetic creatures, and that's hard on us.

Jason's eyes widen, his face reflecting a mix of understanding and empathy.



So, it's not just about what happens to us, but also what we contribute to the world?



Yes, exactly. When you're stuck, it's not just external factors; it's also about what you're doing to the world at the same time. We have to find the intelligence to understand that.

Jessica gazes out into the open sky, the wind rustling her hair.


(lowers her voice)

Life is short, my friend. And you better make sure that you love a lot of people because that love will find your peace throughout your life and, of course, at the end.

Jason takes a moment to absorb her words, a sense of determination flickering in his eyes.



Childhood... That's where the most difficult times seem to pass. It's not supposed to be that way.

Jessica's face turns serious as she remembers her own struggles.



Childhood should be good, but sometimes we're powerless over so many things. Physical changes, societal pressures, and even abuse... We grow up carrying that burden.

Jason's voice trembles, his vulnerability surfacing.



But we're recovering, right? We're recovering from the difficulties of our childhood.

Jessica places a reassuring hand on Jason's shoulder.



Yes, we are. Our struggles aren't just from life's challenges; they're from the scars of our past. And if we're struggling as adults, it's because we haven't completed the work.

They share a moment of silent understanding, the weight of their shared experiences evident.



Remember, the true struggles in life aren't just physical pain or illness. It's the battles within ourselves—the struggles with our thoughts, our character, and our understanding of the world. It's a result of poor teaching and lack of guidance.

Jason looks at Jessica with newfound determination.



But we all have gifts, right? We all have something to give.

Jessica smiles, her eyes reflecting wisdom.



Every creature, every person has a tremendous gift. The question is, will they use it for good or for evil? Or will they let it remain undeveloped?

Jason takes a deep breath, ready to embrace the unknown.



I'm ready to use my gift. I'm ready to make a difference.

With a final nod of encouragement, Jessica and Jason step


The pilot turns the green light on and Jessica opens the door. The wind rushes in, the pilot reduces the engine power. Jessica and Jason step closer to the edge of the open airplane door, their determination shining through their eyes. The wind whips around them, heightening the adrenaline coursing through their veins.



That's the spirit, Jason. Embrace your gift and make it count. Today, we're not just jumping from a plane. We're defying our fears, breaking free from our past, and soaring towards a brighter future.

Jason takes a deep breath, trying to steady his racing heart.



I won't let my struggles define me. I will rise above them and show the world what I'm truly capable of.

Jessica smiles, her faith in Jason unwavering.


You've got this. Remember, the sky doesn't limit us; it's where we find our freedom. The air, the vastness, it reminds us that life is full of infinite possibilities.

The other skydivers, overhearing Jessica's inspiring words, gather closer, their anticipation building.



Let's do this! It's time to embrace the unknown!



No more playing it safe. We were born to push boundaries!



Together, we conquer our fears and show the world what we're made of!

As the team rallies around the shared purpose, the noise of the airplane engine fades into the background. The only sound that fills the air is the steady beat of their collective heartbeat, pulsating with excitement.

Jessica turns to her fellow skydivers, a gleam of adventure in her eyes.


Ready, everyone? Blue Skies, Black Death!

The skydivers exchange nods, their unity evident.


(in unison)


With one final glance at each other, Jessica leads the way, leaping out into the open sky. The others follow suit, their bodies free-falling through the vastness of the atmosphere.

As they fall towards the Earth, their faces beam with a sense of liberation. The rush of wind fills their ears, drowning out any lingering doubts or worries. Falling at speeds over 170 mph, vertical, headdown.

In that moment, surrounded by the boundless sky and the unbreakable bond among the skydivers, they find solace. They embrace the uncertainty, knowing that their resilience and love for one another will carry them through whatever challenges lie ahead.


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