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The Skydiver's Survival Guide: a book by Marcus Antebi & Kim Emerson

Fear not for confusion's demise, for I shall unfurl the tale of Marcus Antebi's skybound saga with clarity. A skydiving virtuoso for over a decade, he carved his path through the heavens. Not stopping at leaping alone, he pioneered a training film production empire for fellow skydivers. Two volumes were etched into existence during this soaring epoch.

In a bold flourish, he unfurled "PIER Media," a haven for parachute enthusiasts. PIER, an acronym for "Parachutists Information and Equipment Resource," spanned the realm of retail and mail order. Its legacy echoed from 1995 to 2003, a testament to skydiving fervor that shaped an era.

Introducing the unparalleled collection of skydiving wonders that legends are woven from! If you thought the first edition of "The Skydiver's Survival Guide" was a heart-racing rollercoaster, brace yourself for the awe-inspiring sequel!

But first, a nostalgic journey down memory lane with my classic VHS treasures. Enter "Pack Like A Pro" (1995), a masterclass in parachute folding – turning novices into graceful swans of the skies. No one wants a parachute pasta party, after all!

Next up, prepare for "Fly Like A Pro" (1997), the VHS that transformed mere mortals into aerial acrobats. Rumors of newfound arm-flapping abilities floated around, but science is still pondering this avian metamorphosis!

Buckle in for "Break-Away" (1998), an adrenaline surge of action and audacious feats. Breaking free from gravity's clutches redefined our rebellious spirits, even soaring amid the clouds.

Safety enthusiasts, gather 'round for "Trouble Free Zero-P" (1998/99), the guardian of mishap avoidance. Learning safety never felt this exhilarating!

Fast forward to the new millennium: behold the second edition of "The Skydiver's Survival Guide" (2000). If the first edition was a blindfolded rollercoaster, this one's a flaming hoop juggling extravaganza. Get ready for an intensified thrill!

But hold on – "Snow Disc Snow" (2001) showcases daredevil penguins sliding down snow-clad slopes. Embrace the icy odyssey!

For those left wanting more swoops, "Swoop Two" (2002) delivers heart-flipping delights. The first swoop was just the prelude; this one is the main act!

Finally, the crescendo: "The Skydiver's Survival Guide 2nd Ed." (2003) – an encyclopedia of skydiving wisdom, an absolute must for any daredevil's journey. This tome is the parachute-sized key to a sky-bound treasure trove.

Presenting my skydiving odyssey, from nostalgic VHS to towering literary prowess. Brace for a journey that leaves you breathless, invigorated, and perhaps primed to leap from the heavens. Skydiving reaches epic heights like never before – who's ready for an airborne escapade of a lifetime? 🪂🌟


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Above: DVD of my five training videos, circa 2000. Does anyone remember the years when DVDs were the hot technology?

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