the good old days at juice press

the good old days at juice press

I had an incredible 9-year journey at Juice Press. I dedicated myself wholeheartedly, working tirelessly and pouring my passion into the business. Along the way, I brought in several investors, all of whom were exceptional and fair individuals.

Our impact on the community was significant, positively influencing people's lifestyles and creating a proud brand for New Yorkers. We also managed to make some profits and acquire valuable skills.

One of the most thrilling aspects of this adventure was building the messaging and branding for Juice Press. All the greatness you remember from our marketing efforts came from my own thoughts and creativity.

Despite facing opposition from my primary partner, who favored an athletic marketing approach, I held firm to my sensibility and expressed myself in a large forum. Whether he was right or not, what mattered to me was having the opportunity to share my ideas. Looking back at what I accomplished, I feel grateful, proud, and inspired to surpass my achievements at Juice Press.

I am eager to continue expressing myself and striving for even greater success in the future.

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