self improvement and letting go

self improvement and letting go

One very important thing that self-improvement is about is becoming willing to let go of any personality quirks or flaws that block us from experiencing happiness. But sometimes on our journey of bettering ourselves we don't even know what's blocking the happiness we seek. And that's why it's necessary to think about, talk about, and especially write about our situations pertaining to our own struggles.

Such writing is difficult for some people. It requires energy, writing implements (pen and paper or computer), and faith that the writing process will benefit them. Many people don’t understand how writing will be of help to them, and for that reason they’ll procrastinate from doing it.

I find writing to be incredibly helpful. It helps me to transform things that were formerly vague ideas or disjointed thoughts in my head into things that I can see, study, and absorb into my brain. So those thoughts and ideas move from being abstractions to concrete entities.

It's difficult but necessary for me to discover character defects and then let them go. I understand that such letting go isn't easy, because the processes that my character defects put into effect have served me and protected me throughout my life. But I have to understand that those processes no longer serve me and that it’s time for me to let them go. I must do that because I want to experience life to the fullest without being stuck in any undesirable mental, emotional, or psychological place.

I absolutely must concentrate on being in the present moment whenever it happens and wherever I happen to be. I understand that many things pull me away from doing so. I realize that ever since I was a little boy I've created routines that would distract me from whatever uncomfortable things were happening in my life. But I am going to discontinue engaging in those routines, and as I stop such inappropriate behavior patterns I will become happier, more compassionate, and more enlightened.

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