the Founder's retail goals

the Founder's retail goals

It is my hilarious belief that a juice bar should be rolling-on-the-floor-laughing funny and yet the team should be a walking encyclopedia of cosmic knowledge. Our guests demand belly laughs and cosmic insights all in one sip!

In a city like New York, we should have more juice bars than hot dog stands, serving up the freshest, cleanest plant-based goodies. And we should have yoga studios popping up on every corner, teaching people to twist their bodies like pretzels and zen out their minds. But for some cosmic conundrums, these dreams are yet to be fulfilled. Maybe the yoga mats got lost in the subway tunnels, who knows?

But fear not, dear juice-seekers and yoga-enthusiasts! We are here to quench your thirst and tickle your funny bones. Our juice bar is a cosmic carnival of laughter and enlightenment. Our team knows more about the universe than even Einstein on a particularly mind-expanding day. We'll serve you a glass of kale-infused hilarity, garnished with a side of wisdom that would make Yoda proud. Expect the unexpected and leave with a belly full of laughter and a mind full of universe-sized trivia.

So come on down to our side-splitting sanctuary of health and cosmic humor. We're here to squeeze the laughter out of you and fill you up with the freshest knowledge the universe has to offer. Just remember, in our world, even the kale leaves crack jokes!

My hilarious theory as to why there aren't more fantastic health brands is that achieving great taste is like trying to find a unicorn in a field of rainbows—it's 100% reliant on the purity and freshness of ingredients. Running a business like this is trickier than balancing on a tightrope while juggling flaming pineapples. The risks are scarier than a broccoli in a horror movie. But fear not, brave entrepreneurs, for when more folks discover the secrets of this mystical realm, we shall witness the rise of extraordinary establishments that will rock our taste buds and stay in our hearts.

In a city like New York, where the bar is set higher than the Empire State Building, survival in the food and beverage industry requires standards so lofty they need oxygen masks. It's like running a marathon with a cup of kale smoothie balanced on your head—only the strongest, the freshest, and the most delectable can endure.

Just like those zen-filled yoga studios, in our realm of food and beverage, we must make knowledge as accessible as a hot slice of pizza at 3 a.m. People have more questions about their health than a Jeopardy champion on steroids, and they need answers that can guide them out of the treacherous fad-diet abyss. Plus, at this level of health and wellness, consistency is key, just like finding a yoga pose without falling on your face. And let's not forget that the price points need to be as reasonable as a squirrel's budget for acorns.

So, my intrepid taste adventurers, let us embark on a quest for the elusive great taste and uncompromising quality. Together, we shall conquer the realm of health and wellness, armed with knowledge, consistency, and the courage to price our creations so that even a unicorn can afford a sip or a bite.


1. Help people navigate the perplexing world of healthy eating with a dash of humor and a generous serving of informative writing. We'll make sure you know what to eat, what to avoid, and how to live that healthy lifestyle without feeling like you're chewing on cardboard.

2. Hold ourselves to standards so high, they need a ladder to reach. We begin by using only organic produce and ingredients. Our food philosophy is all about bidding adieu to processed foods, so you won't find any of that nonsense on our menu. No processed or refined ingredients allowed—because let's face it, they taste as appealing as a three-day-old broccoli casserole.

3. We're all about going back to the basics, so we make everything from scratch. No pasteurized juices, no powdered soup mix, and definitely no boxed plant milks. We prefer our ingredients fresh and untouched, just like a newborn unicorn.

4. We serve freshness on a silver platter. Our produce is so fresh, it practically has a glow-up every morning. It's like eating sunshine, but without the weird side effects.

5. Our service is top-notch, so good that you'll feel like a VIP every time you walk through our doors. We'll pamper you like a spa day for your taste buds.

6. We believe in keeping retail prices as low as possible, because good health shouldn't be a luxury only the rich can afford. So bring your appetite and your wallet won't suffer.

7. Honesty is our policy, and we won't fib or play the hypocrite. If we say it's organic, you better believe it's organic. If we claim there are no processed ingredients, you won't find a single one lurking in your dish.

8. Say goodbye to single-use plastic packaging. We're taking a leap of faith by ditching all that plastic from our retail system. It's time to stop the plastic invasion and save the environment, one delicious bite at a time.

9. We run a tight ship, and our crew knows how to keep things shipshape. We're talking swabbing decks, raising sails, and sailing smoothly every single day. Sink or swim, we're committed to excellence.

10. And last but not least, we curate the most epic music playlist. Because what's better than enjoying a nutritious meal with some groovy beats? Nothing, we tell you. It's the secret ingredient to good vibes and happy taste buds.

With the goodsugar retail project, I'm staying true to my mission, but this time, we're keeping it cozy with just two or three stores. Freshness, quality, service, and an unforgettable guest experience may not be the best friends of profit, but fear not, for we'll get creative to expand and maximize our earnings. We'll plan, strategize, and conquer the healthy eating world with gusto.

And remember, businesses like ours thrive when they're in the hands of capable founders, with a little help from friendly investors, family, and close friends. Together, we'll build a health empire that even Zeus would envy.

Marcus Antebi, Founder, and Chief Healthy Humor Officer

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