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Postcards for Juice Press by Marcus Antebi

As of September 2019, I am not actively engaged with Juice Press. The materials presented here are under my copyright. Juice Press is granted perpetual permission to utilize these materials.

When I established Juice Press in 2010, I encountered a curious customer base with numerous inquiries about our products. Juice, smoothies, and salads were straightforward concepts, but the fascination with juice cleanses was at its height. What set us apart was our ability to explain the benefits with precision and scientific insight, something lacking in other juice businesses.

To bridge the knowledge gap for both our customers and staff, I devised a solution: bite-sized printed materials that could be easily carried away. In an amusing twist of fate, the first Juice Press postcard was born during a break from creating the menu artwork at a Fedex/Kinkos. It all began with a simple intention: to escape the monotony of menu-building.

The inaugural postcard tackled a common question posed by men over 40: "What's good for, well, you know, an erection?" Delicately addressing this sensitive topic was not my preference, so I distilled the science into a postcard, titled "What makes penis happy?" To share this information, I fashioned a stainless steel postcard holder and displayed it proudly at our initial JP location.

The response was delightful! The card garnered chuckles and exclamations of amusement from readers. This marked the commencement of my postcard production endeavor. Looking back, I firmly believe that the postcard collection was the quintessential factor that made early Juice Press truly distinctive. The array of printed materials was a unique facet in the retail landscape, standing unmatched in my experience. However, as time progressed, changes ensued due to investors and new partnerships, leading to the gradual removal of this exceptional collection from the spotlight.

Take a look:

Below: "What Makes Penis Happy?..."

goodsugar - what makes penis happy postcard front


Below: "Assertive Women Who Drink Juice..."


Below: "Pink Eye and Chlamydia..." (The back of the card read: "Ginger juice!")

Below: "You are perfectly adapted to eat large portions of animal protein..."

Below: "Trust Me, I'm Doctor..."

trust me I am doctor

Below: "Eat More Fruit..."

eat more fruit

Below: "The People We Encounter Affect..."

negative people

Below: "Which of These is the Best Source of Protein?..."

Best Source oF Protein

Below: "Without Fruit We Are Totally Frucked..."

Without fruit we are frucked

Below: "Chronic Inflammation..."

chronic inflammation

Below Backside: "Chronic Inflammation..."

chronic. inflammation

Below: "F**k Juice..."


Below: "Grand Opening.."


Below: "Grand Opening back side..."

backside of hampton card

Below: "Red Velvet Cake..."

Below: "Hollywood Squares..."

hollywood squares

There's about 50 more postcards in my archives!

Thank you for your interest.


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