personal writing

personal writing

I often engage in writing about philosophy, and sometimes it may seem like I hold people to an exceptionally high standard. If I were to read my own work, I might question what my personal standard is and whether I consider myself perfect.

I understand that as a student, when reading something where the writer appears to be imparting a lesson, it can be natural to be skeptical. After all, many of the great heroes we learn about from history were flawed individuals.

Personally, I find it more meaningful to learn from individuals who are actively living their lives in a virtuous manner. When considering historical figures, it is challenging to truly know what they were like. That's why I believe it's crucial to seek mentors who are alive and accessible, so I can engage in dialogue with them.

While I appreciate the teachings of individuals like the Dalai Lama, it is difficult to gain insight into their daily lives or truly understand their thoughts. Therefore, I place great value on cultivating intimate relationships with mentors who are present in my life. This close contact helps to keep the relationship grounded in reality and prevents the pitfalls of excessive idolization or fanaticism.

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