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Marcus & Family

About Marcus Antebi, goodsugar founder.

my family

Above Photo: My wife Teresa Lourenco-Antebi, my daughter Minnie-James, Teresa's daughter Zaria, her son Lion, my daughter Luna. May 2020. (Nova was not born yet.) 

Above Photo: Nova Shakti Lourenco Antebi born in our bath tub, April 16th, 2021.


Above: Here's our little Nova at 23 months old. April 10th, 2023


Above Photo: Zaria, Lion, Teresa, and Nova. 2022.


Above Photo: Thanks to Teresa, we did a National Gap Campaign that was everywhere for a few months. 2022.

Above: Zarai, Nova, and Luna. 2023.


Above Photo: Founder Marcus Antebi at goodsugar April 2023.

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