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Mr. Bill Skydive Dive 1995: My Favorite Jump

That little speck falling away from the other little speck under his parachute was me! This photo was taken in 1995 over DeLand, Florida. By Joe X. I can not remember his full name. He was great guy, he passed away in a motorcycle accident some years ago.

This is a silly stunt skydive where both people leave the airplane with their own parachute systems, however, I am holding on to the harness system of my partner while he is deploying his parachute, right as we leave the airplane.

I need to hold on during the opening forces. As everything goes quiet and we are now both flying around under his parachute.

After a few minutes, I grew tired of holding on so I let go and go back into freefall, wait a few seconds and then deploy my own parachute to land safely.

I made several of jumps like this with my friend Mike Maguire a.k.a., Maddog.

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