the founder's credentials

the founder's credentials

Allow me to introduce myself, the master of all things unconventional and self-proclaimed expert in the art of "winging it." Who needs credentials anyway? I proudly dropped out of high school, where algebra and geometry became my mortal enemies. My spelling skills? Let's just say I give autocorrect a run for its money. But hey, I can do a full split that would make Jean-Claude Van Damme jealous, and I've been jumping out of airplanes like a seasoned pro for about 12 years or so. You might even say I'm an expert in defying gravity and avoiding crash landings.

Now, when it comes to retail, I'm a retail superstar extraordinaire. I can upsell like nobody's business and convince customers they need that extra set of spatulas, even if they're not entirely sure what a spatula is. My mentors? They range from the great Fred Bisci, Dr. Goa Sugo, and my wise old dad to the legendary Kens, Ken L. and Ken D. And let's not forget my all-knowing wife and the enigmatic Jeff P. They've shaped me into the retail prodigy you see before you.

Oh, and did I mention my glamorous side gig as a pajama model? That's right, folks! My wife Teresa caught me striking a pose in the dressing room for my second paid photo shoot, destined for the Walmart Christmas 2023 catalog. Move over, fashion icons, there's a new face in town, and it's all about the snuggly goodness of pajamas.

So, you see, credentials schmredentials! Who needs 'em when you've got a whole lot of passion, a knack for splits and free-falling, a retail superpower, and a portfolio of pajama modeling fame? Embrace the unconventional, my friend, and let your unique journey be your badge of honor.

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