I Was A Lame Duck Founder

I Was A Lame Duck Founder

Once stifled, my creativity, it did fade, A lame duck, in the final period, it's said, Ineffectual, unsuccessful, a discouraging sight, Unable to pursue my dream, pure foods and fresh delight.

In the realm of health and wellness, I lost my way, Straying from the path, unable to stay, True to the mission, true to the cause, Quality compromised, like an old worn-out clause.

But from the ashes of departure, I did rise, Reinventing myself, with a newfound prize, A new strategy for goodsugar™, fresh and bright, Returning to the origins, reclaiming my rightful light.

In the kitchen, I found solace and glee, No longer petrified in a boardroom, I am free, To serve food, wash produce, create with passion, A joyful reunion, where I've found my true fashion.

No more "corporate food," no chains to bind, No franchises to dilute, where true flavors find, Expression without censorship, I boldly proclaim, Against processed foes, for the plant-based domain.

Striving to excel, to surpass my former reign, Doing everything better, breaking old chains, Though I may lack cleverness in financial affairs, I know good sugar from bad, that's what my heart bears.

So let creativity flow, unbounded and free, A beacon for all, the plant-based harmony, With goodsugar™, we shall forever be united, In the East Village, our love story ignited.

My creativity was stiffled. I was a Lame Duck founder: an official in the final period of office, after the election of a successor, an ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.

In my previous health and wellness business I had become ineffectual and "stale"! I was unable to follow my original dream of serving pure foods and fresh juice.

I was unable to hold the line on quality of product and the mission statement. After my departure, it took me a short time to reinvent myself and establish a new strategy for goodsugar™. Now I am back to the beauty and origins of my first food project.

I serve food, wash produce and dishes, and I am so much f**king happier! I belong in the kitchen, not petrified in a boardroom! You and I belong together forever right here on the Upper East Side.

No more "corporate food", no chains, and no franchises. I will never hold back my creativity. I will never be censored again when I speak out against processed foods and in favor of the plant-based lifestyle. I am striving to do everything better than ever!

I may not be clever enough to know the difference between gross margins and gross profits. But I know the difference between good sugar and bad sugar, so that’s what I’ll stick to! -Marcus Antebi

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