i am no one

i am no one

In the realm of existence, I stand as no one,
Yet I embody the essence of all that is, all that's done.
Within me reside the rocks, the plants, the trees,
The animals that roam, the elements that please.

In this humble space, I pen these words to be,
A conversation with my soul, a moment just for me.
I harbor no illusion of grandeur or might,
For I know in my heart, we all share the same light.

Brief is our stay upon this earthly plane,
Why burden our spirits with burdens, why restrain?
I am the laughter that dances upon the breeze,
The silliness that sets the weary heart at ease.

And in the footsteps of fellow travelers, I find,
A yearning to alleviate their suffering, to be kind.
No pedestals to ascend, no judgments to make,
For we all journey together, a path we partake.

In the vast expanse of knowledge, I may not excel,
But in a handful of wisdom, I have stories to tell.
The fragments I possess, truly valuable and true,
For they serve as guiding stars, guiding me and you.

Amidst this grand tapestry, we are all woven,
Equal threads in the fabric of life, unbroken.
No one superior, no one beneath,
All connected, bound by the same belief.

So let us embrace this truth, with hearts unfurled,
That in the vast tapestry of existence, we are one world.
Let love be our compass, compassion our guide,
For in unity and understanding, we truly abide.

I am no one, yet I am everything in view,
In this shared journey, together we renew.
May this poem remind us, in its gentle plea,
That equality and harmony shall forever be.

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