"fractured trust": a screenplay

"fractured trust": a screenplay

INT. The Great Therapist'S OFFICE - DAY

Terry, Linda, Clarkus, and The Great Therapist are seated in the office. The atmosphere is tense, filled with anxiety.

The Great Therapist

(trying to calm everyone down)

We are all anxious. The grown-ups, the children, the The Great Therapist, the grandparents. Everyone here is anxious. And when we're anxious, our heart rates go up just enough to signal the brain that there's danger when there is no danger, actually. And then the entire front side of the brain shuts down for everyone. We all go into the reptile brain. Fight, flight, or freeze in. There aren't many other options in between.

Linda shifts uncomfortably in her seat, clearly affected by the situation.

The Great Therapist (CONT'D)

Linda, it seems you have a pattern of breaking up relationships that are painful for you so that you can be in control of the pain. It's important to acknowledge that there were dysfunctional things happening between Terry and you. Terry plays a big role in this complex relationship, but you also have your own responsibility here. It's unfair to simply place all the blame on the grown-ups. They may have their own flaws, but they are trying their best.

Linda looks down, feeling the weight of the situation.

The Great Therapist (CONT'D)

You're no longer a little child, Linda. You have the ability to make decisions on your own, to defend yourself, and to make choices to stay away. You have the power to block people, say hurtful things, and even cause harm. It's clear that you're not behaving innocently, especially considering your therapy sessions and awareness of childhood issues. You seem to be using this situation as an excuse to act out and run away.

Terry, with a mix of sadness and frustration, interjects.


It's painful to see things unfold this way. I had a dream that all the children were dancing on the beach and everyone was happy. Unfortunately, the circumstances didn't work out that way. I take responsibility for my part in this, but Linda needs to participate too. She needs to demonstrate character, work on herself, and make amends. She has to change her behavior patterns. But she seems unwilling to face the truth about her actions and the choices she's made.

Linda's eyes well up with tears as she listens.

Terry (CONT'D)

When Linda comes to the house, it's a strange experience. We find it difficult to trust her, both me and Clarkus. We feel unsafe at times. She needs to understand that her choices and behavior have contributed to this lack of safety. She has to work on rebuilding our trust, which is crucial for us to feel at ease in her presence. But every time she's around, we feel tremendous anxiety because we don't know what to expect.

Clarkus nods, agreeing with Terry's words.


We have a tiny house filled with five children from four different households. I'm disappointed in everyone involved. Linda needs to face the consequences of her actions, but people are too afraid to hold her accountable, fearing her destructive behavior. We're at the mercy of her actions, and it's affecting us all.

The room falls into silence as the weight of the situation hangs heavily in the air.


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