acknowledgment to fred bisci and kenny dichter

acknowledgment to fred bisci and kenny dichter

It is important for me to acknowledge the roles these two great people had in the success of juice press. Fred Bisci (left) taught me the science behind fasting and nutrition, allowing me to cut through all the bullsh*t and get right to the truth. Kenny Dichter (right) was the first investor in juice press in 2011.

Fred Bisci

Back in 2010, as I inaugurated my East First Street store in NYC, destiny introduced me to Fred Bisci – a presence of genuine humility and kindness. What began as a simple encounter, with him seeking juice recommendations, blossomed into a transformative mentorship.

During our initial meeting, Fred delved into my ingredient details and organic suppliers, grasping my nutritional philosophies. His admiration for the store was encouraging, sowing the seeds of mentorship.

A week later, Fred returned, armed with insights from my website, opening the floodgates of wisdom. His talks delved into scientific intricacies and abstract domains, igniting my curiosity and prompting me to document these enlightening dialogues.

Fred evolved into my guiding star, providing answers for perplexing patron queries. His counsel often resonated with my doctor's, yet I discerned their limitations, entrenched in meat-based paradigms.

He became a catalyst for my evolution, honing my thoughts and writing skills. His most pivotal lesson – a dietary secret: optimal health hinges on exclusions, not supplement surges. Removing harm trumps excessive supplementing, a simple truth.

This paradigm shift transformed my nutritional compass, urging us to embrace our innate plant-based proclivities, while acknowledging our adaptability to animal products.

Human predilections led to a carnivorous mindset, celebrating flesh food. Yet, I believe in discussing compassion in dietary choices, though I don't assume moral or spiritual authority.

For 14 years, Fred's mentorship has been invaluable. His influence mirrors a paternal bond. Beside my father, he's become a second patriarch in my heart.

In this humble journey of learning, I unearthed that growth isn't mere accumulation, but questioning norms. Especially when our well-being is at stake, critical thought is vital.

Fred showed me the might of simplicity and the potency of omissions in our diets. I strive to contribute, marrying science and empathy.

Fred Bisci, my nutritional beacon, has profoundly shaped my path. His teachings grace my journey with wisdom. With gratitude, I embrace his influence, perpetually expanding my horizons, and hoping to ignite others along the way.

Photo Above: A snapshot from the opening of a Juice Press store on 59th Street, in New York, 2016, featuring Fred Bisci, Marcus Antebi, and Kenny Dichter. Long live Kenny D.

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