yoga and wish fulfillment

yoga and wish fulfillment

I remember my skydiving experience vividly, as if it happened just yesterday. The exhilarating moments come rushing back to me—the anticipation building during the 15-minute airplane ride, where we sat on the floor, feeling the roughness of the carpet beneath us. Skydiving is indeed a sport that leaves its mark, and even within the airplane, the heat of summertime adds to the intensity.

As the aircraft ascended, carrying 22 jumpers, time seemed to stretch. The thin air at higher altitudes had a peculiar effect, making it easy to drift into a deep slumber. It was as if a gentle lullaby played by the wind whispered me into a peaceful nap. The rhythmic hum of the engines and the gradual ascent lured me into a serene sleep.

However, as we approached the final altitude, a jolt of awareness swept over me, dispelling any remnants of drowsiness. The adrenaline surged, and every nerve in my body tingled with excitement. It was time to wake from my tranquil respite and prepare for the exhilarating dive into the open sky.

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