Allow me to embark on a discussion of yoga, But first, let me acknowledge what I don't know. Though I've practiced for years, I'm no master profound, And defining yoga's meaning, it can't be bound.

Yoga, a concept found in cultures diverse, Evokes thoughts of postures, physical rehearse. I once held misconceptions of yogis' attire, Yet yoga embraces all, without judgment or ire.

Recovery and healing, yoga's core intention, A path to wellness, a mindful intervention. Beyond exercises that strengthen and preserve, Lies moral teachings, a higher truth to observe.

Morality, caring for self and others in kind, Guides righteous actions, wisdom to find. Taught by countless masters through the ages, Yoga invites growth, across wisdom's pages.

But let's not idolize the masters we meet, Yoga deems all equal, no pedestal or seat. A peaceful way of life, the ancient tribes did know, Embracing nature's balance, in harmony they'd grow.

Communication extended to creatures small, A spider's face familiar, a name to recall. Meditation in connection, eye contact and smile, A moment of unity, transcending every trial.

In a time when superstition held no sway, Order and justice prevailed each day. Some chose nonviolence, a vow so profound, Even in the face of invaders, they stood their ground.

The philosophical debate lingers on, Their sacrifice questioned, right or wrong? Yet their convictions remained till their last breath, Their path to paradise, unyielding, no death.

For those grappling with struggles they face, Reflect on your choices, embrace a new pace. Through journaling, seek clarity and insight, Unravel the faulty perspectives, shining light.

Yoga encompasses more than meets the eye, Postures, body care, acts of charity comply. Truthful speech, kind thoughts, it's all intertwined, A tapestry of existence, where divine is enshrined.

In my heart, I perceive yoga as truth, Learning compassion, a vital pursuit. Granting myself grace, flowing with life's tide, Embracing the present, enlightenment's guide.

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