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A Worldwide Shift in Lifestyle and Dietary Habits is What is Needed Now!

This pandemic of 2020 was not caused by bad luck.

One major thing regarding the pandemic has not been part of the popular discussion: Our country (in fact our entire species) was already sick prior to this devastating outbreak! The leading scientists of the world will attest to this. We made our species into the perfect host for a virus like COVID-19. This pandemic was not caused by random misfortune.

The COVID-10 pandemic is not just a natural phenomenon such as a flood or a tornado. Human behavior played a major role in the outbreak. That is what will be a forced message to all of us when it's over.

We allowed this virus to mutate, and it will continue to do so. And millions of lives will be lost to this virus, specifically over the next 10 to 20 years. Even with vaccines and treatments, this virus will be with us that length of time.

The solution is not just about finding safe drugs and treatment. We are not going to outsmart a virus. It can and will mutate and appear as something more robust. But a sustainable solution is to focus on one thing: What makes our cells such perfect hosts?

The answer is simple, but many people have a hard time breaking through their layers of denial to see the truth. It is our immune systems that are compromised. It is because of our longstanding collective lifestyle patterns and our overall diets that we have broken down.

Future generations will look at humanity and easily ascertain that collectively we were unwise and careless about food and lifestyle choices. Humanity can be likened to a group of abandoned young kids given a limitless supply of bags of candy and junk food. After a few days of eating candy and drinking sodas, the children would identify those items as food without question.

The large majority of people who die from this virus are already sick. Their deaths are in vain if the survivors do not commit to changing our treatment of this planet, of its animals, and of ourselves.

For starters, we could do that through reducing or completely eliminating flesh-based foods. We are biologically designed to obtain all of our nutrients, at all stages of life except in early infancy, from plants. There is no need to consume animals as a better source of protein, omega-3, iron, or calcium. That belief system is rooted in ignorance and fear. People don’t want to go hungry. So, we believe what we are taught. We make real whatever appears to be best for our survival. As it pertains to diet and lifestyle, humanity has been off track for 500 years.

Mankind has been making dietary mistakes since the beginning of our history. Around 500 years ago when settlers landed in the Americas, this marked a death blow to the intelligent, earth honoring, knowledgeable, ancient, archaic people. Not only did the conscious living suffer this blow, but the land and its creatures suffered as well.

The invention of large-scale agriculture is one of a few of the major reasons why mankind has lost its way with diet. The associated agricultural practices allow people to live extremely far away from their food sources. Massive, complex governmental entities become necessary to protect and distribute the food sources among the people.

Again, this is one of a few major reasons that we as a global society have drifted into extremely unhealthy eating patterns. Our bad health will continue to make us susceptible to illnesses and most certainly to pandemics such as COVID-19.

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