don’t judge others

don’t judge others

It's not productive or helpful to judge others' life practices or choices. Each person has their own unique journey and experiences, and it's not our place to judge them. However, it's important to have boundaries and to prioritize our own well-being. If someone's behavior makes us uncomfortable or is harmful to us, it's okay to communicate that to them and to make the decision to distance ourselves from them if necessary. We have the right to choose who we want to surround ourselves with and to prioritize our own mental and emotional health. It's important to approach these situations with compassion and understanding, but also with a sense of self-respect and self-care.

Throughout our lives, we may encounter people with whom we do not get along, even if they have good intentions. We may also come across individuals who are simply difficult to deal with at a given time and place. It's crucial that we stick to our standards of how we expect people to treat us, while also being compassionate towards ourselves.

When faced with conflict, it's important to maintain composure and refrain from reacting impulsively. We must remember that it takes two to tango and examine our own role in any conflict. It's important to be self-reflective and quick to apologize when necessary. "I am sorry" is a powerful phrase that we should all be comfortable using in order to navigate life's challenges and minimize strife.

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