anxiety and solutions

anxiety and solutions

Every human being, without exception, encounters negative thoughts at some point in their lives. It becomes crucial for individuals to counteract these negative thoughts with positive inner dialogue—a compassionate conversation with oneself, reassuring that they will be okay and will do whatever it takes to overcome challenges. Our minds naturally engage in an inner dialogue, but it is the layer of self-thought that responds to the flow of ideas and concepts within our minds.

Consider a scenario where one wakes up at two in the morning feeling financially insecure. Allowing this negative thought to persist would worsen the situation. However, if one had practiced earlier in the day, affirming that they are okay no matter what and outlining a plan, they can counter such thoughts. When faced with the negative thought upon waking up, they can remind themselves that they will be fine, take a moment to breathe, and reflect on how far they have come. This exemplifies the power of the inner dialogue and the importance of actively engaging in it.

It is essential that we are not lazy or stubborn in cultivating this inner dialogue. For every negative thought that arises, we must counter it with a positive inner dialogue, empowering us to take positive actions towards problem-solving. If the negative thought is unrelated to an actual problem, we should allow it to pass by, acknowledging it with gratitude and requesting its departure.

Anxiety often acts as a bridge that leads us to negative emotions such as depression, sadness, low self-esteem, anger, and self-centeredness. It breaks down everything positive within our character, transforming us into unfamiliar beings. It is at this point that we must actively work on ourselves and employ the tools we have cultivated. The first tool involves overriding the negative voices in our heads and replacing them with positive words.

However, before we can muster the strength to do so, we must humbly get on our hands and knees, seeking guidance through prayer. We ask, "Please, God, direct my mind and connect me to the highest consciousness. Help me navigate through anxiety and bring me back to a place of compassion. Grant me comfort in my body and assist me in letting go of unnecessary attachments."

We implore for help in surrendering the parts of our ego that foster a sense of superiority over others, recognizing that this is not a compassionate stance. Guide us towards the aspect of ourselves that genuinely desires to help others at all times. Aid us in maintaining a clean diet, ensuring that our body's chemistry does not hinder our ability to relax. By aligning our bodies in all aspects, we alleviate the amplification of anxiety.

Lastly, we humbly request the removal of our fear of financial insecurity and the ability to perceive the positive aspects of our lives.

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