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The Meditation of an Apple

The Meditation of an Apple by Marcus Antebi

Had I known in my 20s how simple it was to meditate, I would have been a master by age 40. But I struggled. It took me a long time to figure out that if I was handed in organic ripe apple, I could make a commitment that the act of eating it was going to be like a samurai sharpening his sword and practicing his movements, or yoga master concentrating on specific postures

I start off by taking the apple and being mindful while I’m washing it off. Then I sit quietly somewhere, make it my intention to be focused, and then I savor each bite.

As I eat, I often stare off into the sunrise or sunset. I think about what a miracle it is that I live on a planet that provides.

It’s important to realize that meditation should be inextricably linked to everyday experiences. Pleasant experiences such as eating an apple can be special occasions, and even mundane chores and routines can become times of drawing yourself into higher levels of consciousness.

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